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Perflo evangelists, Alan Colquitt and Rob Ollander-Krane explore the topics related to our mission of increasing organizational and team effectiveness using science and technology.

Getting out of the stagnation loop - Evolving organizational effectiveness based on the science

In this clip, Alan discusses why organizations are stuck in a loop of stagnation when it comes to management practices, as well as how they can begin to innovate and progress toward new, evidence-based models of working.



Why is there not a lot of action, from talking to doing - when it comes to organizational change?

Alan talks about how our cultures influence the way we work, specifically the connection between our individualistic culture and our management models. He emphasizes the need for change and agility which are crucial to staying competitive in the war for talent. He concludes by declaring the need for role models to pioneer new models of working.



Where does this individualistic culture of work originate from?

Alan goes deeper into how our current management frameworks are no longer relevant, and the need for organizations to evolve and adapt to new and modern styles of work both due to societal and cultural changes.



Starting to put the capabilities in the hands of managers and teams

Alan discusses how managers lack the tools and capabilities to help manage and lead their teams more effectively according to how they work. HR applications don't help managers with their day-to-day challenges, rather they need their own dedicated tools that empower them to understand their team's needs better and faster- ultimately making their lives easier.



The need for real-time sensing to empower teams

Alan brings down some of the science of motivating and engaging teams and how things change so rapidly that leaders need to understand what's happening on the hour, not the quarter, in order to support their teams better. Managers will then be able to predict issues in their team before they happen and not need to constantly put out fires.



Gen-Z will help drive positive advancements in the way teams work together 

Alan points to the different needs and desires the new generation entering the workforce has, and how their different priorities will affect the way organizations run and teams work together. These are overall positive changes that companies ought to embrace and adapt in order to stay ahead and attract top talent.



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