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Good people management is good project management.

Project management processes and tools are important but in today's world, they are not enough. Perflo's people-tool complements your project tools, ensuring your people come first and your teams are engaged - ready to perform at their highest level.


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The missing piece to project management

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Don't wait till people leave teams

Take preventative action before your projects are impacted

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Team Burnout

Get alerted before your team gets burned out, and identify preventative actions to take to ensure team well-being and engagement.

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Team Attrition

Don't be surprised anymore when someone leaves your team. Identify attrition risk early, and sustain your teams throughout their project.

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Team Agility

Get the visibility and insights you need to ensure teams remain agile and adaptable. Pinpoint areas of risk and opportunity.

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Team Collaboration

Measure all things related to collaboration, to ensure a high degree of team effectiveness and optimal productivity.

“Higher team engagement increases task performance and commitment to projects”

Torrent, Salanova, Llorens & Schaufeli


Our (anonymous) 30 second research-backed, and fully team-based assessments, allow for continuous, low-lift team evaluation.

Weekly Team Insights

Receive team and project critical insights every week to understand team needs and risks as they occur - preventing further escalation.

Proactive Nudges

Behaviorally backed nudges to guide team leaders toward the areas of attention in their teams and projects, all within Slack/MS Teams.


What industry leaders are saying

“I clearly recognize the value gap that Perflo will address in the almost untouched area of team performance, the next quantum leap in project success. This is a critical investment for any organization.”

"Perflo is a refreshing new user-friendly system perfect for companies who nurture and support open active collaboration between leaders and team members. The way of the future, perfect 20-20 vision.”

“There are very few products like Perflo that focus on team performance and none that I am aware of that focus on project performance. Needs for this type of product will only grow in the future as work becomes even more team, and project-based.”


Meeting you and your team where you already work

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